Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Holding onto FAITH

What a tipsy turvy kind of year its been for me in 2014! I have been quiet about my journey this year publicly often holding onto the vision that you all have imagined me making lots of pots and quilts and creative things to get ready for the selling Summer, Fall and Holiday seasons! I had such an amazing year in 2013 and I came into the start of 2014 with lists and lists of ideas and an explosion of creative energy. All the while I was dragging my right shoulder around trying hard to believe that the pain was something simple to fix. It has not been simple. In fact, I have not been physically able to create beautiful pottery or other artful creations. My journey to hold onto FAITH began and I have had to really dig deep! Pottery is the soul of my business. I have felt quite lost without having the physical ability to throw pots. I have spend a lot of my time this year seeking conservative treatments to what we thought was muscle and tendon issues in my shoulder. The journey to identify the core cause of my pain has been like peeling the layers of an onion. Today I am having surgery to remove arthritis in my AC joint. My surgeon is very optimistic that I will return to throwing pots sometime this Fall! This is a thrilling prospect for me! So look for new pieces of art creations on my facebook page. I hope to start making my flannel/wool lap blankets first. 

I am also embarking on a new path in September. I have accepted a teaching position at the Fiddlehead Arts & Science Center. I will be an assistant teacher in the 2nd grade classroom. The lead teacher and I will have 15 students in our classroom. The Fiddlehead School is a new charter school in Maine. It is the first charter school and began in the 2013-2014 school year with Kindergarten and 1st grade. They have expanded this year to include 2nd & 3rd grade and will expand further next year with 4th & 5th grade. It is a great opportunity for me and one that will allow for my creative business as well.  The school is around the corner from where I live so I created this collage folder to deliver my narrative and resume.  It was a blast to make!

Take care friends! Thank you for supporting me and Craic Arts!