Monday, April 8, 2013

Art adventures!

I recently enjoyed giving a beautiful bowl that I made to my friend Julie Bernier. Julie invited me to her home to do an art project a week or so before. I brought some of my newly fired ceramic bowls to get some feedback. I was delighted when Julie picked up this green bowl and exclaimed "this is my bowl!" And at that moment I knew it was!

I have come to know over time that each piece of pottery I create becomes claimed and loved! I have said numerous times that I want my pottery to be loved......used to cook food and cleaned over and over in the dishwasher and hopefully never left on a shelf just to look at.

Several days after Julie claimed her bowl (and while I contemplated how best to give it to her) I received a lovely note from our pets veterinarian, Louise LeBoeuf. I gave her her a bowl I created to share my gratitude for all of the wonderful care she has provided our pets. In her note Louise wrote about the first 3 meals she ate from the bowl; tofu stir fry, granola, fruit and yogurt and so on. She wrote how much she loves to hold her bowl and how good it feels in her hands! I felt such pride about my pottery when I read her note and equally so when Julie claimed her bowl! It is why I create pottery and I hope that every owner of my art work falls madly in love each time the piece is used!

I had a similar experience claiming art on my recent trip to Ireland. We were in the small village of Clifden in Connemara Co. I had been teased by my travel mates for always being the last one on the bus. So I decided to get to the designated spot early and surprise everyone. And then it happened! I saw the most beautiful ceramic fish in the window of Lavelle Art Gallery. I went in and met Gavin the gallery owner who was more than willing to allow me to hold this most precious fish! As soon as the fish was in my hands I knew "uh oh.....This fish is mine"! I gulped hard when I learned of the price and decided on the spot to go for it! No regrets right? I would always wonder about the fish if I did not bring him home with me! I have potter friends to show right? Could this be a business expense? Nothing really mattered.....and I bought him! The teasing resumed when I was once again the last one on the bus! We decided to name the fish Connie Mara and he was our mascot throughout the trip!

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to live a creative and adventurous life! Stay tuned for more adventures!