Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Official!

It's official!  I decided on a name for my business and registered the website and it's all mine!

Craic Arts

The last few months have included a lot of personal growth and required some courage to sit with "I don't know".  Knowing has been a safety place for me in my life.  Being competent and having confidence in my skills has provided security in a "career".  I was given the best opportunity in 2012 when my employer closed and I decided to life a more authentic and creative life!  No more social work!  Time to focus on my creative skills and start producing beautiful things and living an adventurous life!  Hence the name of this blog Craic Adventures!

Craic (yes pronounced crack) is an Irish word.  It has many meanings and depending where you look you will find variations on the definition.  

"Craic is a Gaelic word, with no exact English translation. The closest you get is “fun.” There’s the expression “ceoil agus craic,” meaning “music and fun,” probably once used by locals to fortify themselves before heading off over an arduous mountain pass to the nearest ceili. Craic doesn’t appear in standard English dictionaries, but enter it as a search term on Google, and 42,500 listings come up. There’s obviously a lot of craic out there.  Put simply, having craic is having a good time or a laugh"

You can read more about the meaning of Craic here:

Soon I will have my website available for view with items ready for purchase.  I am working creatively with clay, fabric and paper.  I will also share here on this blog places I will be showing my creations starting sometime late Spring.

So here I am writing my first blog really having no idea how to blog.  What I do know is that life is an adventure and I am embracing it fully!  You will be able to follow my adventures with creating beautiful things, traveling and finding interesting stories to tell!  Enjoy!